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      三和小型鋁電解電容LQ系列105度超低阻抗,高紋波產品for LED
      作者:山東紅寶電子 來源:http://www.konrakkat.com 日期:2021-03-08 14:20 瀏覽


        Sanhe small aluminum electrolytic capacitor LQ series products have the characteristics of ultra-low resistance and high ripple, which can achieve better filtering and higher reliability. This series of electronic components can meet the strict welding standards and harsh reflow conditions, making the processing more flexible.


        LQ系列小型鋁電解電容的工作溫度在-40℃ ~ 105℃,工作環境電壓從最小6.3Vdc最高耐壓可達120V,普遍應用于LED行業,具有超低阻抗,高紋波產品的特點,在適宜的溫度范圍下工作的使用壽命長達10000小時。

        The working temperature of LQ series small aluminum electrolytic capacitors is - 40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃. The working environment voltage is from 6.3vdc to 120V. It is widely used in LED industry. It has the characteristics of ultra-low impedance and high ripple. The service life of LQ series small aluminum electrolytic capacitors is up to 10000 hours under the suitable temperature range.


        Sanhe small aluminum electrolytic capacitor has a harsh reflow curve, available from a variety of different sizes, which is convenient for application in various industries. Non solid, self-healing electrolyte, certified by aec-q200, is very suitable for filtering, smoothing, buffering and voltage decoupling applications. Typical terminal products include chargers, adapters, LED products and switching power supply units.

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