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      作者:電解電容廠家 來源:http://www.konrakkat.com 日期:2020-10-13 09:42 瀏覽


        The gradual popularity of the capacitor industry, especially the rapid growth of consumer electronics, communications and industry, has promoted the growth of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, playing an increasingly prominent role in various fields. Electrolytic capacitor manufacturers talk about the development prospect of aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry.



        At present, the demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors is increasing steadily, and the market competition is relatively large. The reason for this situation is that it is widely used in switching power supply and rectifier module due to its large capacity and low price.


        Not only that, as China is vigorously promoting the construction of 5g network, aluminum electrolytic capacitors will be widely used in the manufacturing of communication equipment systems, which will further improve the demand of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.


        At present, there is a large demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Many enterprises have found the opportunity to start aluminum electrolytic capacitors one after another, and constantly improve their own technology to enhance competitiveness, especially in the high-end market, there is still a lot of room for growth, and this is also an important factor to stimulate enterprises to enter the industry, after all, such a big cake is still very attractive.


        In the domestic market, the aluminum electrolytic capacitor industry should further strengthen the comprehensive competition and independent innovation ability, complete the product upgrading as soon as possible, and make the product better and better, so as to become a powerful country in the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

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